How to use IPTV service provided by IPTVsolo?

Here are simple steps to use IPTV service which is provided by IPTVsolo.

1. Get the service according your device.

  • IPTV service is provided in 3 most common formats: M3U, MAG, Enigma
  • There are many devices that you can run IPTV service on. Smart TVs, Smartphones, Apple TV, Tablets, Android BOX, Receiver, PC & Home computer and …

Then you should know what service your device or the app installed on your device support.

  • Example for M3U serviceYou can install VLC Player or Potplayer on your laptop and get M3U service. If you have a smart TV with IPTV Smarters app you also can get a M3U service for your TV.
  • Example for MAG service: If you have MAG DEVICE then you should order MAG service. for using some application like smart STB you need order mag service.
  • *There are many apps (android, ios, exe and …) that can handle IPTV service. you just should know your device and format support.

2. Set the service with your device or app.

It’s really simple and a few easy step to set IPTV service with your device or app. If you are new, there is many websites and also YouTube video can teach you in 5 minutes. We also try to make a page for each device so it will be easy for you to set IPTV service with your device and use that. You can also contact us any time, if we are online we will help you and if not, just leave a message we will answer you fast.

Computer / Laptop / PC
  • VLC Media Player
Smart TV
  • Smart IPTV (siptv)
  • IPTV Smarters
  • Smart STB